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Introduction to Recalibrate Consulting
Always preferring face-to-face, I have a 1 minute introductory video below which points out the highlights of the site and how you should use it. ... Read More »

Stop Competing on Price!
Most businesses believe if they're not the cheapest (or close to it), they're not going to win the business. Agree it's cause for much debate -- especially in recent times -- however we need solid strategies to help our customers focus on things... Read More »


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Recalibrate Keynote Topics

Building Pro-Active Word-of-Mouth in your business Return to top ↑

Most businesses with a history of 5 years + report referrals (or Word of Mouth) to be their greatest source of new business. Very few however, have in places pro-active strategies to attract more and to get people talking about them! Consider the following:

  • Why are referrals important for your business?
  • Who is likely to refer you business?
  • Why wouldn’t someone refer you? (what are the perceived risks?)
  • What triggers someone to refer us?
  • How can we pro-actively attract more referrals?

Having clear answers to these questions is a great start to growing your business through referrals – the cheapest form of marketing!

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A sales process that actually converts Return to top ↑

Why is it so many businesses are prepared to spend significant time, energy and money in marketing their business but don’t have a proven Sales Process to turn their leads into money! Great marketing without an even greater Sales Process is in my opinion simply throwing money down the drain. Consider the following:

  • Are you measuring your conversion rate from lead to bankable sale?
  • And while you’re measuring…do you know how long you spend on quotes or proposals?
  • What ‘touch points’ do you have in place before meeting a prospect face-to-face?
  • How tailored is your approach to the needs of the prospect?
  • Or is your approach to simply ‘wing-it’?

Unconverted sales sit alongside surfing the internet as the biggest time waster in business in our opinion. If we all agree time = money, does it not make sense to develop and follow a robust Sales Process that really converts?

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Getting the best R.O.I on your time Return to top ↑

Most business people I talk to initially say ‘making more money’ is the greatest challenge in their business. When we dig a little deeper, 8 times out of 10 this is coming from poor investment of their time. Consider the following:

  • Have you created an Ideal Week which outlines clearly how you should be investing your time as opposed to how you are currently?
  • Do you plan your day the night before?
  • …And then do you prioritise your ‘to do list’?
  • …And then do you keep to your priorities??
  • Do you understand and use the 80/20 rule when managing your time?
  • …Or is it because you feel busy, you must be productive - right?

In business, realizing the benefits of effective time management is one of the easiest things to get agreement on. Implementing and consistently following a system for managing your time however, requires discipline that most people don’t even want to hear about!

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Building simple systems and where to start Return to top ↑

“Do something once in your business without writing it down and you’re destined to do it forever”. This nagging reminder has helped me (and many of my clients) find liberation from the day to day tasks which hold back most business people from experiencing true growth. Consider this:

  • What tasks are being done every day in the business but can only be done by one person?
  • What would it take to build systems for 80% of the activities of the business?
  • ..and how could I do that without needing to take a month off to write them?
  • Did you know Sales, Marketing and Customer Service are probably the most important parts of your business to have systemized? How are yours looking…?
  • How much would you pay for your business knowing what you know about it’s systems?

When it comes to creating systems in your business, there’s a right and a not-so-right place to start. Where ever you choose, acknowledging that a business is simply a series of systems where you manage the systems and the systems manage the business, should urge you to get started right away!

To learn more about Building simple systems and where to start, click through and email us

6 steps to creating raving fans of your business Return to top ↑

We’ve all heard that these days having satisfied customers simply isn’t enough. We’ve also heard we need to be getting our customers to sell on our behalf – what’s that all about? Consider this:

  • When did we last measure how much of our marketing resources went into finding new customers vs. keeping existing ones?
  • What is our system to ensure new customers buy from us a second time?
  • Do our team know (in $$ terms) the lifetime value of a customer?
  • How consistently do we acknowledge customers who send us new customers?
  • How many Raving Fans of your business would it take before you ditched advertising altogether?

The key to a ‘zero’ marketing budget is knowing how to ring-fence our valuable customers and educate them on how to sell our product or service for us.

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How to turn team members from 'slackers' into 'crackers' Return to top ↑

How many times have we heard “It all got too hard so I went back to doing it myself”. Having team gives us leverage – but it also gives us headaches. Consider this:

  • If you sacked all your team members today, how many would you re-hire tomorrow?
  • When was the last time you had a useful idea from a team member?
  • When was the last time you gave them the chance to come up with one (really)?
  • How do we reward good performance without creating arguments?
  • How do we get team members as passionate about the business as we are? (even half as passionate!)

When asked what defines a great business from an average one, my first answer is always ‘a good team – getting the right people on the bus’. Rarely easy - always a work in progress - but the only way to find true freedom in your business.

To learn more about turning team members from 'slackers' into 'crackers', click through and email us