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Introduction to Recalibrate Consulting
Always preferring face-to-face, I have a 1 minute introductory video below which points out the highlights of the site and how you should use it. ... Read More »

Stop Competing on Price!
Most businesses believe if they're not the cheapest (or close to it), they're not going to win the business. Agree it's cause for much debate -- especially in recent times -- however we need solid strategies to help our customers focus on things... Read More »


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Business Coach and Consultant (2005 to Present)

Clif has gained wide ranging practical experience in both the coaching and consulting field over the past 6 years. From presenting workshops on Sales and Marketing to over 100 franchisees, to working one-on-one with key staff and small business owners to improve productivity and profitability. Clif brings a realistic and grounded approach to problem solving and keeps clients on track with a strong bottom line focus. Clif has worked one-on-one with more than 150 businesses during the past six and a half years including those in retail, design, professional services, IT, trades and property services, automotive, manufacturing and a host of other niche industries. He believes the majority of Business Owner’s challenges come from not understanding and measuring the key profit drivers in their business and being too busy “putting out fires” to do anything about it. Check for success stories.

Former Owner Produce Export Company (1995 to 2005)

On returning to NZ from his OE, Clif worked in the produce export industry for 3 years, beginning his own business in 1998. Starting out as a one-man band, he took on a partner and grew the company over the following 7 years to a team of 8 and achieved an annual turnover of $14 million. The business specialises in sea freight shipments of Squash pumpkin, onions and apples to a number of markets in Japan, Korea and Europe as well as a number of airfreight perishable products. Jointly with an associated business, he was a NZ Exporter of the Year finalist in 2002. Clif sold out of this business in 2005 to start his career in coaching and consulting.

Broad Sales/Management Experience (1989 to 1995)

A Business Graduate of Massey University, Clif gained broad commercial sales and general management experience both in NZ and overseas with small and medium sized businesses. While overseas, Clif turned a loss making branch of a popular advertising magazine into returning a profit inside 6 months by focusing on team skills, implementing strong systems and running lean. Introducing a culture of accountability ensured sustainable business growth.

Family Man and Sports Enthusiast (Always!)

An advocate of a balanced lifestyle, Clif is a former representative rugby player and still enjoys most sports (including a passion for golf!), keeping himself fit and spending time on family and community based activities - including coaching children’s sport. Other interests include NZ and overseas travel, Business and Autobiography reading and networking. Clif is resident in Greenlane, Auckland where he lives with his wife Caroline and five children – including twin boys.