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Here on this page you will find reference material and resources that are aimed at aiding business development. If applied and used consistently, these tried and true resources will make a difference to your business as they have for others.


Recalibrate 90 Day Plan (detailed)

This is designed to be a 1 page map of your goals and activities for a 90 Day period (best printed on A3). We have found this period to be the best when planning specific strategies and tactics as often 1 month is too short and 12 months too long – meaning goals can get dropped or forgotten about. Take your time when completing (preferably with your team) and ensure you have a coach or someone to hold you accountable to sticking with it!


Recalibrate 90 Day Plan (summary)

This is a briefer alternative to the detailed plan and is best used when the business already has momentum. Strategies are separated into the 3 main parts of a business (Sales & Marketing, Operations and Administration) and goals relate to these areas. Very useful for quick reference on a weekly basis.


Recalibrate Dashboard

Download our sample Dashboard for recording important numbers in your business and set targets for the next 90 Days. What we measure will depend on the nature of our business so included here are examples only. Choose yours and get measuring – you don’t know you’re winning if you don’t know the ‘score’.


Recalibrate Business Plan

If you’re like me, finding a useful Business Plan Template that didn’t run the printer out of paper and ink is hard work. So again after much research and tweaking, we have our Business Plan Template which covers the essentials and gives guidelines that you don’t need to be an accountant to follow. Again, contact us if you’d like help putting together your Business Plan.


Recalibrate Sales Process

Different for most businesses but crucial for all. This template allows you to create your own steps in the process (from enquiry to after sales follow up) and then complete a description of each step alongside. We have had great success in creating robust Sales Processes for clients so contact us if you’d like some help.


Recalibrate Budget Template

After much research and tweaking, here is what we believe is a simple and usable Budget Template. This should be completed as part of your Business Plan or at the beginning of every financial or calendar year. Note that most accounting software will have its own budget template so best not to double up.


Recalibrate Systems Template

Heard this before – “You need to run the systems, the systems need to run the business”. You probably have and you probably also know that to maximize the value of the business, you need to have strong systems. If you like simple stuff (like us!), download the attached template and modify to create your own systems for “every” part of your Business.


Recalibrate DISC Profile

This is the tool we use for profiling clients and their team to check in on personal and behavioural style. The results are always useful (sometimes alarming!) giving guidance to getting the best out of yourself and your team. Download the questionnaire, complete, save to your computer and email to us as an attachment. Reports cost $47 + gst to process and print and will be mailed to you.


Debtors System

We developed this separate template as most businesses are in ‘dire’ need of a good Debtors System. You could argue creating the system is the easy part (and you’d be right) but to have a clear process to which team members responsible for chasing debtors follow consistently and can be held accountable to, has produced dramatic results in this area for our clients. Download this sample and modify to suit your business.